Here you can submit links to epic short films that you think deserve some attention. We will analyze the content, also we might contact the author and then the film will be available for the general public on the site. If you are the author of the video you are about to submit, then specify this in the message below.

Quality check:
- Video must be in HD quality
- Video must not contain hateful material towards a group of people, nation or race
- Video must have a coherent script, without abrupt endings or ambiguous content
- Video must have quality graphics, both animation as well as the camera filmed ones
- Video must have quality voice recordings, not barely understandable lines

Also please provide us some additional information about the film you are about to submit, in case you are the author. Details like problems that appeared in the process of creation and how you and your team dealt with them, some interesting facts and aspects and some more information about the story that is happening in the film, would be greatly welcomed.

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