Orange Avenue – As You Fall

Orange Avenue - As You Fall

This time we want to share with you a music video which was directed by Leighton Silvestro for the song As You Fall by Orange Avenue from the album Small Victories. It was filmed in Tampa, FL and eventually made it to MTV, VEVO and VIACOM NETWORKS. Yesterday we had a pleasant talk with it’s director, Leighton Silvestro, who shared with us some of the details from the process of filming and conceiving the idea for it. We would like to point out the powerful connection between the song and the video itself. It matches perfectly every second of it and sends the viewer into a state of contemplation upon valuing every moment in life. We asked Leighton Silvestro what was his inspiration while making this music video:

Leighton Silvestro:
“My inspiration for the music video came when I turned off all distractions and listened to the song and let my mind flood with visuals. It was sort of this open moment that I just allowed whatever came to mind fill my imagination. So I cherry picked and wrote down some of the ideas that made sense in a small story sense. In the end I think in spite of obstacles and restrictions to budget access to materials etc, you just have to be confident that your project is going to be great and just go for it with all your might.”

And he is right, you have to believe in what you are making because thinking tends to materialize in our actions, this way we may come up with good ideas and a lot of positive emotions towards our works.

As for the acting job, it was perfectly handled by Jesse Tamburin and beautiful Valerie Wyndham who were happy to participate in the project when they were asked for. They felt and represented every emotion in the tunes of Orange Avenue’s music.

It was a bit challenging for Leighton Silvestro at some points to make this video because of restrictions to budget and materials, but improvisation is an artist’s greatest tool, so he managed to get the same mood effect with fewer props by placing them in the scene so that they can make a balanced composition.

Leighton Silvestro:
“Limitations within reason breed creativity.”

It was a pleasant experience to discover Leighton Silvestro’s work and the process behind it. Let’s wish him luck and inspiration for the projects further.

You can see more of Leighton Silvestro’s works and information on his webpage:


Orange Avenue – As You Fall

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